Whitney is an amazing doula! She is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information to her clients, supporting families without judgement, and to working cohesively with her clients' care providers. I recommend her to all of my friends that are expecting babies in South Mississippi!

Amanda S. 

Whitney is phenomenal. I had my baby in December, and I had lots of anxiety about labor; this was my first child, and my husband was deployed. I used to think doulas only supported those really fierce women who can go all natural, but not so with Whitney. She educated me about all my decisions, and then without judgement or trying to force her personal opinions on me, supported me in the choices I made, which included having an epidural. Her encouragement and knowledge throughout pregnancy. labor, and postpartum were so beneficial for preparing me to be a mom, and alleviating a lot of my fears. She is a superlative doula, and would be a benefit to any birth team! I couldn't have done it without her!

Meredith M.

Whitney was present for my second birth and was so influential in creating a birth story that I love. She was caring, compassionate and relatable throughout my pregnancy, instilling confidence in me leading up to my birth and helping to dispell my anxiety. During labor and delivery, Whitney, along with my husband, provided a constant presence of encouragement. She was particularly helpful in offering suggestions to optimize baby's position and talking through comfort measures that would not stall delivery. During delivery, Whitney helped remind me to relax and rest between contractions. She was an intelligent and respectful liason between me and my medical team. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have her attend this birth. My husband and I absolutely recommend her services. She really made a difference.

Paige F.

I cannot put into worthy words how invaluable Whitney was to our birth experience. She is so passionate about her calling and truly gets to know you and your wishes so she can help you carry out your personal birth plan. Our goal was an unmedicated birth, but we experienced some unexpected twists and turns and ultimately decided to get an epidural. Throughout this process, Whitney was so supportive of our original birth plan but she was also super flexible when plans changed. Believe me when I say that even with a medicated birth, a doula is essential! I am convinced that the recommendations made by Whitney shortened my labor tremendously and made me so much more comfortable. My husband and mom agreed that we will not birth another baby without her!

Kelli M.