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Birth Ball Magic - Postpartum Edition

Don’t deflate that birth ball just yet! As a doula, my clients hear me talk about the birth ball a lot. I love it. It’s a fantastic place for moms to be whether you're pregnant, in labor, OR in postpartum. Yes! It’s still great and has many benefits postpartum. After a couple days lounging in the bed and on cushy couches, my back was killing me. So where did I find myself at 3 am on night 3? My birth ball.

I was instantly reminded why I love it.


• They’re cheap and you probably already have one from pregnancy

• It is a fantastic place to soothe a fussy baby

• It’s a surprisingly great place for tummy time (supervised, obviously)

• You can easily take it to literally any room in your home

• It encourages good posture and is ultimately better on your back

• It’s also a little bit of a core workout. Easy win-win.


• I honestly can’t think of any other than maybe it’s not a great place to sit when you’re too sleepy and may roll off. 🤷🏻‍♀️

So mommas, if you find yourself at your wits end with a fussy baby (or a fussy momma) who isn’t feeling the rocking chair or maybe you’ve paced the floors till you can pace no more- roll out that birth ball and let it work it’s magic. (Obviously, not all babes are the same and the ball may not bring any magical soothing powers to your home...but it’s worth a try!)

Much love from one postpartum mom to another! ♥️