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Breastfeeding and the Flu

Tis the season...of the cold, flu, and everything gross in between. This is the time of year where even us non-germophobe mommas 🙋🏻‍♀️ are doing everything we can to protect ourselves- hand washing, sanitizing, natural remedies, sick quarantine, etc. But sometimes, despite all efforts, you or baby may still get sick. If so, it’s perfectly okay to continue nursing through illness. In fact, you SHOULD!  

When baby gets sick, it’s especially important to nurse. Your baby and your body are in constant communication (amazing, right?). When our babies are sick, our milk changes to produce exactly what baby needs to fight off sickness. (What?!?!!) So if you feel like you’re nursing a lot, keep on (and then some). 

Is momma sick? Bless your soul. There isn’t a whole lot worse than momming through illness. Accomplishing even the smallest tasks is like an Olympic sport. Let the dishes sit, let the laundry pile, but let baby nurse. When you’re sick, even with the flu, you don’t pass that on through your milk. Be aware of preventative measures as discussed earlier, but don’t stop nursing. With most sicknesses, you’re contagious before you show symptoms. In that case, your breastmilk has already begun creating the protective antibodies your baby needs. 

So mommas, prepare for battle, flu season is here. Be proactive. Wash your hands, sanitize, hydrate, pile on your remedies, soak in the sunshine (depending on what mood our MS weather is in), etc.  Your body’s natural design will handle the rest! 

Disclaimer- I am in no way a medical professional or advising you on how to best care for your babies. I’m just a fellow momma battling flu season as best as I can! I do believe that breastmilk is incredibly powerful, but understand that sometimes more help is needed, and that’s okay too. As with anything, if you have concern about medications for you or baby, there is absolutely a place for those things and I encourage you to do your research and consult with your care provider so that you can make informed decisions! 

Wishing you and yours well this flu season!