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Amanda's Natural Hospital Birth

My due date was Saturday, February 17th. I had been

4 cm/70-80% for about 3 weeks. Friday, I woke with a weird queasy feeling & I knew labor was close (I had been having false labor for the previous weeks). I couldn't eat much & had zero appetite... I also started spotting that morning around 7 am. By the afternoon, the brown spotting had turned to more bright pink & watery... it kept getting more water like as the day went on. Around 7 pm, I called labor & delivery, they said to give it a few hours & come in if I kept soaking a panty liner every 20-30 minutes like I had been since around 5 pm. I told her I had a toddler at home so I wasn't going to just come in unless dire necessity. My water continued to leak throughout the night & I didn't sleep a wink! Around 4 am, I took a shower, got dressed & made a final check of our bags. I woke Pat around 5 am, and called my sweet neighbor to come sit with Maddox until he woke. I got checked in the hospital around 6:15 and the nurse checked to see if it was amniotic fluid that was leaking. She couldn't get the strip to turn bright blue, so she had to get the on call Dr to come see us after shift change. They were actually talking about letting us go, and I thought we may be able to make it to Maddox's first soccer game. Dr. Glaze was the on call doctor, who made the decision to do a special test (can't remember the name) to check if my water was actually leaking. They had to do a similar procedure to a Pap (except no scraping of the lining) to get the fluid on a spectrum to have it "crystalize" under a scope. Apparently my water was leaking from the top. Sure enough, just as I thought, it was amniotic fluid! We weren't making that soccer game after all! Once my nurse got the HepLock in, we were moved to a room. All this time we had been in triage because the L&D rooms were booked... they had so many mamas in labor that day! Because I was already a 4 (for about 3 weeks) & had leaking waters, I was moved to the top of the list for a first available room. Once we got settled in the room around 11 am, Pat ran to grab himself lunch before things got crazy. I was having small inconsistent contractions. I sat on the ball to alleviate some of the pressure from having to sit in the bed for several hours in triage all morning. Because my water had been leaking for so long (over 18 hours), we were all getting concerned about the risk of infection... since it had not fully broken, I wasn't on the strict 18-24 hr rule, but we did need to get things moving since I wasn't in active labor. Knowing my desire for an unmedicated birth, my sweet nurse gave me the option of starting Pitocin at the lowest dose, or fully break my water. I had the toughest decision to make because I knew that once my water was broken, my cushion for pain would be gone. But I also knew that Pitocin itself causes painful contractions that may or may not help me progress. After prayer and consulting with my former doula (who moved to Colorado) & two mamas who had experienced unmedicated births, we made the decision to fully break my water. My thought was that it was already leaking, and my labor experience was with my first began with a fully broken water, so I knew that territory. Dr. Glaze fully broke my water at 1:40 pm. I was still at 4 cm. He also placed an intrauterine monitor in my uterus to get a better reading on my contractions. They were concerned that the portable monitors weren't picking up my real contractions. Once my water broke, I immediately began to feel pressure. I was very emotional because I feared being stuck at that 4 cm I had been at for so long, and feared having to have more interventions I didn't want, just to meet that timeline from my waters leaking. Once all the nurses left the room, Pat encouraged me to gather myself & get moving. I got on the ball & immediately felt contractions picking up & FINALLY becoming regular..every 2-3 mins. By 2:24, I was 5 cm and in some serious back pain. I started throwing up while on the ball, and knew it was getting real. I feared that my progression would continue to be so slow, and begged Pat to grab a nurse to start IV fluids JUST IN CASE I didn't progress much and needed the epidural... I knew it would take a good hour before I had to make the decision. I had terrible back pain, so thankfully my amazing nurse & husband was able to physically put me in the Spinning Babies position to make sure baby was in correct position.. she was sure he was OP (sunny side up) and that's why my labor was so intense in my back. This was after I kept feeling the urge to poop & my nurse literally checked my cervix while on the toilet because she was afraid I was going to push the baby out in the toilet. Within 25 mins of her checking me at 5 cm, & me requesting fluids, I was PUSHING! I couldn't process it because it was happening so fast. I'm glad I asked for the fluids when I did. I knew I didn't want the epidural at all, but I needed those fluids started just in case things went south or stalled. I was dehydrated & hadn't eaten much in over 36 hours, so it definitely was still beneficial. After 8 minutes of pushing, at 2:57, Brock Thomas Sharp was born. He was 8lbs 12oz and 21-1/2 in. long. (we didn't know gender-everyone was shocked it was a boy!) Dr. Glaze barely made it in the room, didn't have time to put gloves on & basically caught him with one hand. I had two tears on the inside towards my urethra. He gave me the lidocaine shot to numb it for stitching. I am so thankful for my ROCKSTAR husband who was the perfect coach for me. He coached me through the entire birth beautifully and never left my side...even when I was on the potty! I also couldn't have asked for a better nurse, Shasta was AMAZING! I couldn't have made it through without these two!