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Kindala's Natural Birth

I am so excited to share my birth story with you guys! I absolutely loved my labor and delivery experience and I would do it all over again! On October 19, the day after my birthday, I began to have regular Braxton hicks contractions. I was so excited that the time was getting closer to me meeting my little man (because I was sooooo over being pregnant)! On October 23 around 8 pm, Toris and I went for a walk around our apartment complex. While we were walking, I had a contraction that felt different from the Braxton Hicks contractions that I had been feeling all weekend. I remember telling Toris that that contraction felt different, but I didn’t think to much about it and we kept walking. We also stopped to talk to some of our friends who live in the same complex. So around 9 something, we headed back to our apartment to get settled and ready for bed. By this point I am exhausted and I just wanted to lie down and rest. After getting out of the shower, I had another very mild contraction around 10:30; they felt like light period cramps. I decided not to say anything because they were so far apart.Well… around 11:30 my contractions began to get closer together, still very light, but about 15 minutes apart. I decided to get something to eat before I went to sleep (big mistake! lol). About 20 minutes after I ate, my back started to hurt after we had gotten comfortable and ready to go to sleep. We were sleeping in the living room because the bed was just too uncomfortable for me. I asked him if he could massage my back and then at around 12:50 am…. my water broke!! I just sat there with my mouth open in shock for about 3 seconds before I told him lol. And then… Oh my gosh!! Those contractions hit me hard! I went straight into active labor like 2 minutes after. Riding in a car while having contractions is NOT FUN! Not only am I hurting, but that peanut butter and jelly sandwich that I had just ate came right back up! It wasn’t just regular throw up, no we’re talking about scary movie projectile throw up, all over the dress I had on (sorry for not sparing the details). We arrived at the hospital and they wheeled me off to get checked in. There I was trying to sign papers while still throwing up.

When they checked me I was 2.5 centimeters dilated, and since my water had already broken they went ahead and admitted me. I was able to get through active labor pretty well without thinking about pain medication. I breathed through my contractions and tried my best to remember to relax and not tense up. I also made sure that I rested in between contractions because I was so tired from not getting any sleep. Toris did an excellent job with reminding me to relax and breathe and I am so grateful for him! Then came transition… It was tough, but it wasn’t unbearable. At this point I was having contractions back to back. I was also able to get through them without asking for any medicine/epidural (even though I did think about it). Honestly, the worse part of my labor experience was the nausea. While I was in the transition stage, all of a sudden I started feeling the overwhelming urge to push. My nurse checked me and I was 10 centimeters dilated! The overwhelming urge to push shocked me because I wasn’t expecting it to come so soon; I thought I still had some hours to go. Before the urge to push came I was telling my nurse that I was ready to get up and start walking and that I wanted to get on my birth ball. I ended up laboring on my side the whole time because I was trying to rest. I was so excited that I was finally about to meet my little man! I was in labor for 5 hours and I pushed for 20 minutes.

Our beautiful baby boy Toris Devontay Smith Jr. was born at 4:20 am on October 24th, 6 days after my birthday! He was 6 lbs 7 ounces and 19 inches long! When they put him on my chest he immediately began to search for the breast and he latched on pretty good. The feeling of being a mommy and finally getting to see his precious face was indescribable! God blessed me to have a quick and safe labor and delivery experience and we are still so incredibly thankful and blessed! My faith and prayer played a huge role in how I dealt with the whole process. Taking the Bradley Method classes also helped a ton! I prayed that God would bless me with a quick and easy delivery and He did just that! The room was so quiet and peaceful and I was able to focus. My parents were there praying and supporting us. Even though my OB wasn’t able to deliver my son, the on call Dr was amazing and respected our wishes, the nurses were amazing and so nice. God is faithful!! They did have to take our son out for about an hour after our bonding and nursing time because I tested positive for Strep B. They ran some test and made sure he was okay, but other than that everything went smoothly. I did have 2 small tears because I pushed him out so fast. I am praying that for my next child that everything will go just as smoothly as it did this time around; but even better!