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Deane's QUICK Natural Birth

Sadie was born on April 8,2016 at 8:15 am, weighing 8lb 10oz, 21 3/4 inches long. I found myself past due yet again. I will add here that Sadie was a surprise so it is likely we were a day or two off on our due date but at 41+4 according to the initial ultrasound, and with my first two also being “late”, we are confident we were, in fact, several days past due. I was having lots of contractions for weeks. Some incredibly painful but some barely there. At 40+4 my OB had checked me to see some progress so we knew we were on our way, but we went ahead and scheduled the full Biophysical Profile (ultrasound to check fluid, etc) for the following week (I would have been 41+4) to make sure baby and I were safe to keep on waiting! (Since I go late, my doctor is very supportive with waiting but we choose to allow her to monitor as much as she sees fit to keep us all at ease). At this appointment I allowed her to strip my membranes. I don’t think stripping membranes can start labor but I do believe it can help if you are already on your way. (It can also cause premature rupture of membranes and infection, so it’s important to research and discuss with your birth team).41+3 came and my Sister in Law decided I needed a pedicure. We went to the Farmer’s Market with our husbands and kids. Went to get pedicures where a licensed accupressurist massaged my feet, then went to have some eggplant paramsan at Tabella’s (both are “wivestaley” things that supposedly help labor get started…).Went to bed with zero confidence that we would be having a baby that night. At 1 am (41+4) I started having contractions. Very painful but only 1 or 2 an hour. So I don’t consider that labor. I let my husband sleep and worked through them on my own. At 5 am, I woke him up so he could call his parents before they went to work to let them know they may want to be on call. I told him to tell them not to rush..that my labor was mild so it would likely be several hours. We would get them up, feed them breakfast, etc. They decided they would come on and I am so glad they did. By 6 am I was in full blown labor. We called our doula. Justin did some stellar hip squeezes while we waited for Monicah, the hip squeeze queen, to get there. When she got there, I was…ahem…showing outward signs of progressing (I will spare the gory details here… but this is where the not so pretty “mess” comes). At what I would guess would be about 7 am I started telling Justin and Monicah that I felt like we should go to the hospital soon. We choose to stay home as long as possible (again, personal choice…there are risks… as a low risk, healthy mom, we choose to labor this way.), so Justin said things like “Are you sure? Remember we don’t want to go too soon.” and Monicah said things like “Let’s give it one more good contraction and see how you feel.” and “Let’s do a squat test.” (to which I said emphatically “Nope”.)… Well at about 7:30 I said it was time to go….We got in the car (Justin always decides he needs to grab a few things, turn off the air, lights, etc while I am writhing in pain in transition in the car), drove through the school zone on our street (OMG), and then got stuck in traffic on 28th ave (the road the hospital is on) at 7:49am. (I specify because I asked him what time it was so I remember well). Well we finally get in the parking garage, and I decide to labor a few minutes at my car. Could.not.walk. Refused.

Seriously almost had a baby there… I finally got the motivation to move between contractions. Walked into the L&D wing and a nurse comes at me with a wheelchair… Um… have you ever been in labor?? No one wants to SIT at this point in labor!! But then again, she had no clue how close I was to delivering a baby. This is where it all kind of runs together. Basically we sign in at 8 am. I thrash around. Sorry guys. Say terrible things. Sorry again. My birth team (including birth photographer Lindsey who made it on the scene while we were in the parking lot) tells me I am doing great. I tell them to shut up… yadda yadda. But details… when I got there, the nurse (shout out to Maddie!!) checked me and said I was 9 cm and my water was bulging (Hallelujah!! With my first, we got there at 6 cm because I was mistaken when I thought I felt the urge to push.. I was so scared that would be the case this time…). I asked the nurse to break my water (both other times it has broken or been broken around 9 cm and the baby comes almost immediately afterwards). She said she could not (she is not allowed) but would call the Dr. The on call Dr was in surgery but they would call someone from clinic. It all happened way too fast. She said “I think if you will just flip over (I was backwards in the bed and on my knees) and give a couple good pushes, we’ll have us a baby.” So I did! Flipped over. Right then the OB came in. He let the nurse stay in position and just sat back since we were already doing our thing.

I gave a couple of pushes and she came on out, in her bag of waters. It busted as she crowned, sending a gush of water across the room (according to Justin) and the poor nurse had to change clothes afterwards. And like my others, with very short pushing time, she came right on out at 8:15 am. Just 15 minutes from when we arrived. We also had student nurses in the room. They came back in after delivery and I was able to chat with them. They were precious. I apologized for scaring them :) Their teacher said she was so glad they got to see a natural birth and see a woman in classic transition (the part where you’re yelling and screaming obscenities :)…typically when a woman is 7-10 cm). I told them my husband would say I show signs of transition throughout my entire labor so using emotional signposts as any indicator of my progress is a joke. It was the least glamorous of my births, I think (again, I will spare you details.. I bet a lot of moms will be able to guess… that thing you DON’T want to happen while pushing?? That all women are terrified of happening?? Happened.. and did not happen with my other two… If you have time for an enema………..anywho….) but it was the quickest and I think the most exhilarating. And I had the easiest recovery by far. So… a shorter labor is the way to go, for sure… as if you have a choice :).