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Bailey's Birth Story

On Monday, 1/25/16, I was only 3 days passed "due," but was very discouraged that my sweet baby had not come yet. I had mild “cramping” pains all day on Monday, but thought nothing of them. When I got home ‪Monday night‬ I was determined to get things going; so Caleb stuck a lasagna in the oven and we walked for the entire hour that it cooked- Caleb seriously doubted that I could walk that long, but I was determined! As we walked the cramping pains intensified and I realized I was actually having contractions. I started timing them with an app on my phone, but they were 7/8/9 minutes apart. So, we finished our hour of walking, ate our lasagna, and went to bed. I woke up ‪at 3:06‬ with a contraction so intense that I could barely stand. I went through about three more of those when I woke Caleb up. (I don't think it actually, really woke him up because he just kept sleeping.) I got in the tub for about 30 minutes, playing Adele, and timed contractions and they were 3/5 minutes apart lasting 1/2 minutes each. It was go time! I woke Caleb again, he showered, we both ate breakfast, and we headed to the hospital! We got checked in and put into a triage room ‪around 6:00 AM‬. They checked me and I was 100% thinned and only 1 cm. The nurse told me they'd check me again in 1 hr and if I was progressing I could stay; however, if I had not changed, I'd go home. The nurse checked me after that hour and I was 2 cm, so she got the dr who checked me and agreed that it was baby day-1/26/16! There was not a room open at the time, so we waited in triage until about 10 AM-they went ahead and started me on fluids so I could get the epidural as soon as possible once we got into our room. The nurse told me once we got into the room and I was 3 cm I could get the epidural, pitocin, and that they would break my water (which I really wanted to break on its own, but I was so ready for him to come, I was going to let them). We got into the room and I was 3 cm and I got the smallest dose of pitocin. The nurse went to get the dr and I decided to get up and use the restroom one more time before I got the epidural. After I went to the bathroom I stood up and labored for a little while and my water broke on its own. My husband got our nurse who came in to clean it up and informed me that there was some meconium in the amnio fluid. The nurse wanted to check me again I was at 4 and they came in to give me the epidural- except it only worked on my right leg. I could still feel all contractions. After 30 minutes and laying me on my left side in effort to use gravity to move the epidural, I chose to have a second one done. Hallelujah! It worked! They checked me again and I was 6 cm. Family came in to see me for a minute; then, I got a small nap in and woke up to pain again. The nurse looked at the monitor and I was feeling the contractions, but only their peaks. She checked me again and I had jumped to 9 cm ‪at 2:30 PM‬. My nurse started getting the room ready and checked me and hour later and I was 10 cm! We pushed for about an hour and 10 minutes. I have to add that my husband did a great job of laboring with me during this time. Between each contraction he wiped my face with a cool rag, put ice directly into my mouth, and blew a fan on me. Once the baby was close enough, the nurse called the doctor in and I pushed a few more times and then he was here- side note, I had to stop pushing for them to suction nose/airways and so they could remove the cord from around his neck. It was amazing because I watched him enter the world through the reflection in the doctor's glasses (when we got home I read in my baby book my mom had the same experience when she had me!). 8lb 14 oz, 20.5 in of perfection with a head full of hair ‪at 4:51 PM‬. (14 hours of strong labor) I immediately told them I wanted skin to skin, Caleb cut the cord, and sweet Baby Sawyer was placed on my chest. I only got to have him on my chest for about two minutes before they took him away to get him to pink up. It was easier for me to handle, because Caleb got to go over to the warmer with him and I could see them from the bed. They bathed him, weighed him, got him dressed, then returned him to me where we immediately nursed. The perfect ending to the best day. ❤️ **I just have to brag on my husband who was the best labor partner I could have asked for!!