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2017 Blessings

A few years back, Dustin and I started a New Years tradition that has easily become the highlight of ringing in the New Year for us. A friend of mine introduced us to something called “The Blessing Jar”. I use the biggest jar I can find and all year long we fill it up with slips of paper that summarize ways we are blessed. Sometimes we get to write big things like buying a new house or starting a new job, but sometimes we get to write about those perfect days we spent in the back yard as a family. So every New Years Eve, as the rest of the world is shooting fireworks and counting down, I’m in my pjs weeping over hundreds of pieces of paper that sum up our year. Seriously, it’s so special. If you don’t have one- make one! I think sometimes we can look back on a closing year and think about how tough it was. While it may have been tough, the “Blessing Jar” is a great way to remind yourself of the good that happened in spite of all the bad. It always reminds me that in spite of tough seasons or times when the Lord may have felt silent, that He has always been and always will be there. This year’s jar was filled with countless blessings, big and small. It makes me emotional to read all of those reminders of how the Lord has filled up our lives when I know we’ve done nothing to deserve it. Each year we read name after name of people who have loved and served us. It’s pretty easy to see why this is such a special part of New Years Eve for us. But the most exciting part of all I just wrote was this sweet folded piece of paper that was left at the bottom of our jar. (This one was a surprise that Dustin had no idea would be in there!)

The Lord has again blessed our family with growth! Sometimes our life is a madhouse and I can’t remember the last time we had a grownup conversation, watched something that wasn’t Paw Patrol, or even showered; but in the midst of it all, we love our crazy bunch. So...see ya soon September, another Hollingsworth is on the way!