My Story



Growing up, birth seemed to be this scary, daunting thing that women must simply go through. The only thing that I knew about birth was the screaming chaotic nightmare that was being depicted on TV. Even during my first pregnancy I remember people sharing their birth experiences with me. I found that there weren’t a lot of people out there telling good stories about birth, and I knew that this couldn’t possibly be all there was to it. So at 30 weeks I signed my husband and I up for birth class and it was here that I began to learn that birth was normal. Unpredictable? Yes. Painful? Yes. Exhausting? Yes. But all of those things are normal. I began to hear positive experiences from women who loved their births. Women who simply glowed to share the birth story that had changed their lives forever. From there I went on to have three sweet stories that I could share over and over again (hop on over to my blog to read them). In each of those births are moments that changed me. Both times I’ve waddled into the hospital, I’ve came out a completely different person because of the story that was written there. Those are stories that I love. I had prepared for them and they are filled with loving support on each line, support that I’m sure I wouldn’t have made it without. These are the stories that have driven my passion for supporting women as they go through their own life changing experiences. When a woman gives birth, a story is being written. It’s a story that can only be written once and will leave her forever changed. My heart’s desire is to help moms make that a story that they love and are thrilled to share. As a doula, I have the amazing opportunity to educate and support women in the birth of their new family. I have the privilege of helping them write a story that they love.